Alexander Hirt

In the crazy fast paced Northern Virginia real estate market Lizzie was instrumental in getting us into a wonderful house in a great neighborhood. Lizzie has all of the real estate knowledge, professional connections, and tools you would expect from an expert in her field, but what sets Lizzie apart from other agents are her great communication skills and understanding of her client’s needs.

As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions. Every time we called her she would pick up, sounding really happy to hear from us, and take the time to walk us through any questions or concerns we had. If we emailed her or sent her a text message it never took her more than 15 minutes to write us back even if it was just to acknowledge that she got our message, would research our concern, and get back to us shortly.

When we found a house coming on market we wanted to see, Lizzie convinced the seller’s agent to let us see it at the earliest possible time. She stayed up late with us working on our offer strategy then sending it to the seller’s agent, and was able to convince the seller’s agent to accept our offer.

We had a short 3 week closing, but this was no problem for Lizzie and her assistant Jessica who coordinated everything perfectly. There was never any point when we were waiting around wondering what we needed to do next. Immediately after we had our offer accepted Lizzie was working with us to schedule a home inspection. During the home inspection when we noticed the a/c unit was making a lot of noise, Lizzie scheduled someone to come out and look at it the next day. It turned out to be nothing, but Lizzie bought us a home warranty just to put our minds at ease, which we could use for any issues that might pop up with the a/c or anything else with the house. She was constantly there for us up to our closing day, and even though that was mainly between us, the bank, and the title company, she was there just in case we had any questions.

I am certain we would not have gotten our house if we had decided to go with a different agent. Lizzie went above and beyond every step of the way, and we will certainly work with her again the next time we decide to buy a house.

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