Five star ratings should be rare in order to indicate truly exceptional quality of service and in Lizzie’s case the rating is completely appropriate. She came recommended to us from a friend and it was instantly apparent why. This first thing we noticed was just how nice she is; easily approachable and welcoming. We already had a property in mind when we first met with Lizzie but she took the time to find out what we were looking for in a house and helped us sift through the many houses available in the area. When we told her we wanted to submit an offer she quickly acted on it that same evening, and a good thing too since houses in the neighborhood often sell quickly. She walked us through the entire process, keeping in touch through phone, e-mail, text, and in person meetings when necessary. We knew we could contact her at any time with questions and she would either already know the answer or would find out and let us know quickly. She is an excellent negotiator, professional and courteous while direct and firm, exactly what one needs in an advocate. It’s hard to imagine someone more suited to the job.

Perhaps the most lasting quality was the fact that Lizzie always seemed to care about our success. One can do a job well and be worthy of recommendation but Lizzie put a personal touch on the experience which made what seemed an almost impossibly intimidating prospect of buying a first home into an easy and even pleasant experience. We come away with peace of mind and a house and we hope Lizzie will accept our most sincere appreciation and strongest recommendation.

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